HammerHead ハマーヘッド ブレーキペダル・シフトペダル シフトペダル オフセット:+10mm カラー:オレンジ R1200GS ポールヤフィー PAUL YAFEE スロットルボディーカバー ラウンドタイプエアクリーナー(マットブラック) ドレミコレクション ゼファー750 FXタイプタンクセット 紺色 STDリベット付 20187 HD店

【取寄】30-1274 レプリカ エキゾースト ヘッダー パイプ セット, クローム G 1937-1973

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    ・Product Description
    Fandango/Diablo/Kiger Harness is the updated version of Giant Loop’s tank bag harness (included with these Tank Bags, but available here as an optional accessory). Compatible with both metallic and non-metallic fuel tanks, shrouds/cowls, the Fandango/Diablo Harness is designed to strap on/off a wide variety of dirt, endure, dual sport, adventure touring, sport and sport touring bikes.
    Easily, quickly move 2017 model Kiger Tank Bag, Fandango Pro Tank Bag or Diablo Pro Tank Bag from bike-to-bike. Once mounted on the bike, the Harness stays put and any GL Tank Bag can be unzipped and mounted on the optional harness in seconds. Access fuel fill by simply unzipping either side of tank bag from the harness, or completely remove bag leaving harness on bike, adjusted and ready to go.
    Two 2-liter Pannier Pockets also can be added to the Kiger Tank Bag, Fandango Pro Tank Bag and Diablo Pro Tank Bag‘s harness and attach to tank, shrouds or engine guards.
    Protect tank and plastics with Giant Loop Vinyl Protective Film.
    ・Specs & Features
    ・Compatible with 2017 model Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Diablo Pro Tank Bag and Kiger Tank Bag
    ・Bag unzips from harness
    ・Large harness cut out provides easy access to fuel fill
    ・D-ring harness mounts for new optional Pannier Pockets (2 liters each side)
    ・22 oz vinyl coated polyester Bomb ShellTM reinforced with foam
    ・Beefy YKK coil zippers
    ・Nylike webbing
    ・Reflective accents for visibility
    ・Mil-spec materials and hardware
    ・Limited Lifetime Warranty
    ・Made in USA
    ・Fits These Models
    Fits virtually any motorcycle make/model dirt bike, dual sport, enduro, adventure touring and sport bike with metallic or non-metallic tanks/shrouds.

    NOTE: Harness is compatible with 2017 model Kiger, Fandango and Diablo Tank Bags only!

リゾマ RIZOMA ハブ・スポーク・シャフト ホイールプロテクション フロント